Re: Extra horn choices?

Jim Betz <jimbetz@...>


If QSI solutions makes up the file you want I think you will
be able to purchase a "replacement chip" that you can just
drop into the loco ... or

I believe that

1) if you have access to a QSI programmer


2) if the chip in your loco is a Rev (not a V7)

that you can do this for your self. I don't, however, know what
decoder (chip) is in either of these two locos.

If it is a V7 chip I think you have to get a "complete file"
that includes the horns you want. Even then - it is often
possible to substitute a different file (again using the
QSI programmer) and it will "sound right" and operate correctly.
So make sure you check all of the sound files listed for your
prime mover on the QSI Solutions web site.
For instance - you can probably use just about any EMD 547 sound
file (or chip) for any loco that had a 547 engine in it.
The FM is likely to be the 'biggest challenge' ... because
there weren't that many of them and there may not be that
many varieties of horns available (at this time).
- Jim

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