U3S Latest Firmware has no .eep #u3s #firmware #smoked

Steven Weigand

In my U3S I smoked the original ATMEGA328P by accidentally applying 13.8V.
I do have blank 328Ps fyling around but am unclear about the .eep file that matches the latest firmware.
The latest firmware upload is V3.12a.hex. But there is not .eep file with the same version.
Does that mean that the latest firmware does not need an eeprom file or does it mean I shall use 3.09a.eep together with the 3.12a.hex ?




No.   There is an eep file. but not sue if the 3.09 will work.    Normally you can't program virgin micros intentionally to prevent copying by clones. 

Steven Weigand

If there is an .eep file that matches the V3.12a.hex, could you please help me find find it?
In the files section I can easily find the V3.12a.hex but the is no matching .eep file to be found.
Somehow there are no .eep files uploaded after V3.09.

Dean Smith

The .eep file is not required. On 3.12a. Once press any key is executed, it sets up the required variables. Your input in the menus then is rewritten over these Initial settings.
Hope this helps..

Alan G4ZFQ


Somehow there are no .eep files uploaded after V3.09.
because they are not required, just the .hex

73 Alan G4ZFQ

Steven Weigand

I had written the firmware V3.12a.hex using the V3.09.eep and all seems to work fine (using AVRDude).
Now it is a good piece of mind to know that the eep is not needed anymore as it sounds that the main program is now taking care of the defaults.

Thanks for the feedback as I was struggling to find any comment on the .eep file in this forum. But now it is documented with this thread.