Ten Watt PA enclosures?

Chris Waldrup


I just tested the PA and am able to get ten watts with 13V DC in and the generator putting out about 9 dBm although it is slightly distorted. The output on my scope was beautiful up to about 4 dBm in but it was only a few watts.
My question is this....
Has anyone developed an enclosure for a stand-alone ten watt PA?
I'm taking some time to think how to package it since the board extends over the edge of the heatsink a bit. If would appreciate any photos you guys might have to give me ideas.
Thank you in advance.


Timothy Fidler

TE Fidler has come up with two smooth  solutions but you need to pester Chris if you want them because they were sent directly.


Look at the QSX pictures on the QRPLabs page.
For my Atlas 210XS (QRP atalst 210) I used an
aluminum plate and gut a hole (more like a window
for the PA transistors) smaller than the amp board
length and then anchored the heatsink to that.

Your gain looks good and the power is about right
for the drive.

Please reply on list so we can share.
No private email, it goes to a bit bucket due address harvesting

Chris Waldrup

I wanted to share what I did for an enclosure for the amp. A trip to the hardware store got me the angle aluminum and I cut it to fit then drilled to fit the heatsink. This morning I drilled and tapped the heatsink and mounted the angle, then cut a hole in the Bud mini box and mounted it so the PCB's inside abe the heatsink fins outside.
I put a thin edge of Kapton tape just under where the PCB goes over the angle aluminum so in case of any flexure ever the tiny clipped/soldered lead bits on the underside wouldn't short to the aluminum.