Rx module

Mike Hadley

Hi all. Just finished the build of my receiver module kit with polyphase kit added. Its set up for 40 Mtrs and appears to be working fine but I am getting loud clicks/thumps in the speaker when tuning the encoder. The larger the step rate the louder the noise. Any suggestions how to cure would be welcome. I have an optical encoder I could use if I can figure out the pin connections. 

Mike Hadley

Forgot to mention that I am using qrp labs vfo synth. 


Likely the clicks/thumps are the si5351 being programmed to a new frequency.
Its not contact noise from the encoder.

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Hi Mike,
I had the same problem, made it almost impossible to tune across the band. I tried modifiying the unit to be a U3S Rx and ‘potentiometer tune’ method but that still has an unresolved bug - only tunes in one direction and did not cure the clicks. Hopefully there will be fix sometime in the future.
73 Ken g4apb