QCX+ : how to make the inside space profitable ? (project in progress)

Adrien F4IJA

I've received my QCX+ yesterday and I started to assemble it. I've heard that some folks are complaining about the extra size of the QCX+ regarding the base QCX.

I have to agree with them but instead of complaining, I think it's a good opportunity to use this extra space.

I'm working on a small project in order to install a battery pack (12.6V 2600mah 3S1P 18650 cells) inside the enclosure and also have a small space on the side to store my iambic key (which is 3D printed) and its jack cable :

This plate will be 3D printed  with the compartment inside. This modification will necessitate to CNC mill the top of the enclosure in order to have the store area accessible.

Please keep tuned on this topic, I'll update it ASAP !

A cover will need to be printed to fully close the hole in aluminium when in storage (maybe that cover can also acts as a leg to give angle to the rig, I need to think about that too).

Stephen Sherer

Thanks so much for showing your ideas of how to use the extra space. As I have been reading through the list, I have thought to myself, that this would be great if all those building the QCX+ would share their ideas here for new features to add to the qcx+. My ability to add new features is limited to following the directions for new features that others make here on the forum. I don't have much tech knowledge beyond following the instructions and/or ideas of others.

Thanks for sharing your ideas Adrien!

Adrien F4IJA

Yes, I'll test this and then I'll share the files if other hams want to make those mods.

By reading the documentation, a 2600mah 12.6V battery will really give hours or use for the QCX+, like more than 5 hrs on TX and half a day on RX.

Stephen Sherer

I for one, would be interested to know how your modifications progress.

Mont Pierce KM6WT

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 04:10 AM, Adrien F4IJA wrote:
... the extra size of the QCX+ regarding the base QCX.

... I think it's a good opportunity to use this extra space.
Along that line, Hans also has a "Dev Board Kit" for the QCX+ with a huge area for prototyping and experimenting.  It mounts on standoffs above the main board, and has places designed for sockets to attach to header pins installed on the main board.  

My plans are to tie into the I/Q outputs at JP9 and JP10, and add my own stereo audio amp to create binaural output.  Jumpers JP13 and JP19 will then be used to output the binaural audio on the stereo earphones jack.

Neat part is, this can all be tested out without damaging the main board, and, if it doesn't work, wire jumpers or jumper blocks can restore the rig to it's previous functions.

Really nice design, Hans.


Adrien F4IJA

First version !

It's a bit too tight to install in the box. I've modified it and I print it again today. I'll let you know when the design will be OK.

Adrien F4IJA

OK, so here is the matching printed part for what I want :

and once installed :

Adrien F4IJA

OK, I've now machined the top cover and here are the results :

The internal size of this new space is 100x25x28mm, enough for my HB iambic key.

If you are interested, please let me know, I'll upload the STL files.

Please note that I've also added a 2.5mm socket for charging the battery pack. I already have a 3S lithium charger with that connector. I thought that with the supplied 2.1mm DC socket in the kit that will be fine, but no, the tip is not making contact with my charger. So I needed it.