QCX firmware upgrade instructions for USBASP and Extreme Burner (updated instructions)

Ted 2E0THH

I've just updated the instructions to explain how to circumnavigate Extreme Burner's unsigned driver for 64-bit machines
The Instructions are here
and all files can be found here

I hope they are of some use to someone

73s Ted

HL Serra

Hi Ted and Alan-
All fixed! Apparently the problem was the driver file I chose in Zadig. Ted's instructions show a picture of the Zadig screen with the driver chosen as WINUSB(v.6.1.7600.16385). That would not work to comm with the QCX+ from my WIN 10 64bit machine.
I searched more group messages, and another gent in the Group had suggested instead using the Zadig driver lib-usbwin32 (v. I installed that driver in Zadig in accordance with Ted's list of instructions, and everything worked perfectly, both Read All and Write All in Extreme Burner, and my new firmware hex file was downloaded to the QCX+.
Thanks to you both for your help on this.
Cheers, and 73, Larry N6NC

Ted 2E0THH

Hi Larry
Just spotted this post and great that you have got it fixed!
Of course I wrote those instructions just before the QCX+ hit the market so I will update them accordingly.
I hope that you as much fun as I do with this little marvel.

73s Ted


Alan G4ZFQ

On 18/10/2020 18:21, HL Serra wrote:
driver*lib-usbwin32 (v.*.
Which is the one shown on my page.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

Ted 2E0THH

Hi Larry and Alan

Many thanks for all your help on this, I have updated the instructions accordingly, including QCX+ specific steps, which can be found
along with all the drivers and software necessary. 

73s Ted