FS: SP12T ceramic rotary switches ride again!

Brad Thompson


>From the debris field I laughingly call my "workshop", the last two SP12T
NOS switches surfaced like goosed dolphins. See below for more info.

If you're planning on building a Miracle Whippersnapper or other antenna(*), you'll
recall that the original design requires replacing a potentiometer's
element with a toroidal
inductor to make a variable inductance. If that's too much work,
consider using a multitapped toroid
and a multicontact rotary switch such as the
Electroswitch p/n D4C0112N. As
shipped, it's a SPDT switch, but you can configure
multiple poles (from 2 to 12)  by bending tabs.
I'm offering NOS single-pole 1- to 12- position ceramic rotary switches. 
You can view a full description here:

They're kinda pricey from a distributor, but I'm offering these at $7.25 
each plus postage ($4.30 for one switch, add $2.00 for the additional switch).

Questions welcomed, PayPal honored.

Thanks, and 73--

Brad  AA1IP

(*)...Or other portable antennas or tuners requiring switching a whole
bunch of things, one at a time.