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We launched two balloons this morning from Rosamond, CA USA. Both had been tested multiple times on the ground before launch.

The first was a SBS balloon and a LightAPRS-W transmitter. APRS call is N6CVO-12 and 20m WSPR as N6CVO on 14,097,025. After launch the balloon was visually spotted to over 1,000' and APRS packets were received at the launch site but nothing got posted to  One hour into the flight we lost contact with the balloon and nothing has been heard since.

The second balloon used two cheep Chinese party balloons with a LightAPRS tracker and N6JED as the call. It worked great and is currently cruising along happily at 30,000' and posting to (enter the call sign and change Tail Length to 7-days).

Please keep an ear out for N6CVO just in case it shows up.


Very cool!

Sorry about the lost one, but congrats on the second one!

I see it's 14800 ft over Yellowstone Park--amazing.

What does this line mean?
012TxC 4.40C 586.73hPa 4.49V 05S Solar Power Only, 2m APRS

John AC2SG



Here is a breakdown of the data fields:

012TxC This is the number of transmissions the tracker has attempted since it last powered up. In this case it sent out 12 packets today but they may or may not be received.

The instantaneous temperature. As I’m flying a naked board it can change as the tracker rotates in and out of the sun.

586.73hPa Barometric pressure used to calculate altitude 

4.49V Supply voltage from the solar panel

05S Number of GPS satellites used to compute the position solution.

The rest is a open message programmed in before launch.

Hope this helps.