ARRL FD 2020 Entry - K2DB

K2DB Paul Mackanos

Getting too hot to keep going, but had a blast.ūüėé
My QCX - 40 meter Transceiver performed beautifully at 5 watts out to a 40 meter dipole at 60 feet.
Cannot wait for the QCX+ so i can control the rig with N1MM+, it's a pain to tune manually. I used
N1MM+ with a Winkeyer and QCX in straight key mode, worked fabulously. Time to go play with something else today¬†ūüėé
Paul K2DB in Northern Florida

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Subject: ARRL FD 2020 Entry - K2DB
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Entry received at: 2020-06-28 14:34:55

Call Used: K2DB     GOTA Station Call: (NONE)     ARRL/RAC Section: NFL     Class: 1B1B

List of operators for Class B: K2DB

Participants: 1     Club/Group Name: Rochester (NY) DX Assn

Power Source(s): Battery, Solar

Power Multiplier: 5X

Preliminary Total Score: 2,470

Bonus Points:
  100% emergency power                            100
  Entry submitted via web                          50
Total bonus points                                150

Score Summary: (Cabrillo log/dupe sheet file: K2DB.log)
                  CW  Digital  Phone  Total
   Total QSOs    232      0       0
 Total Points    464      0       0    464   Claimed Score = (QSO points x power mult) = 2,320

Submitted by: Paul Mackanos, K2DB   paul.mackanos@...

Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
               CW          Digital      Phone
            QSOs Pwr(W)  QSOs Pwr(W)  QSOs Pwr(W)
       40m   232     5                           
     TOTAL   232            0            0

Jim Stafford W4QO

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