QCX WARC Party - May 2022


Hi All,
Next Monday, May 16 , is the next QCX WARC Party.
Join the discord page in the #qrp-operation channel to post your qrg or exchange other info, ot to just have a chat if conditions are really bad
Report your results as a reply to this message (please don't start a new topic, then it's all in one place).
No scores, no prizes ... just plain CW fun.
I will only be in the 1300Z session as ususal, on 17/30/60m depending on conditions.

Remember that you can use any QXC rig on the "one lower" band, if you have a properly tuned antenna for that band.
(e.g. I use my QCX Classic 20m on 30m with good results, same for my 40m QCX on 60m).
The next regular QCX Challenge will be on May 30th.
73 es GL,

Chris Wood

Hello all,

Very quiet on 30m so, unusually, I called CQ for much of the time.  Worked DL8AWK, DL1VVQ, F8AKC, DL5CL, then after 1400Z DF3RQ.

Of these, only F8AKC was QRP (4w each way) and he was only just above the noise most of the time but we made it, just....

Anyway, worth the effort of going down the garden in the rain.  

Chris  G4CWS

John Pagett G4YTJ

QCX activity seemed very low on the 1900z session last night.
Nobody else on the discord page.
I worked three stations on 30m, two in Germany and one in Switzerland. Lots of decent spots on the RBN.