Accidentally removed R7 and R8 from qdx board #problem #smd #help #qdx

Tuomas K


My friend made a mistake while building the qdx (patch 1) kit. While replacing the 47uH SMD inductors he accidentally also removed the R7 and R8 resistors.

Would it be possible to fix the issue using normal through-hole components? It might be too difficult to solder similar SMD components to the board. Since there is not much room near the R7 and R8 would it be possible to install the lower parts of the components to somewhere else? For example, to R9 (lower part), D8 cathode or D9 cathode? Any other proposals?

If you have any tips for this please reply. Help is really appreciated.


Ryan Flowers

Yeah, you could fix them with through-holes. No problem. Note how they are all connected together:

I'd just connect one side of them to the SMD pad that goes to the inductor, and the other end to the proper side or R9. Should be pretty easy to route.
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Tuomas K

Thanks. I think we will try R9 then.

Tuomas - OH8JGQ