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Arienti Mario

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Dear Friends,
when I switch on the QCX the final PA transistors became very hot.
What have I done ?
What can I do ?
73 de mario ik2cmn

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I would look carefully in the circuitry that keys the radio - possibly a diode is backwards, or a short circuit.  I don't know if you wired up the GPS connection -- but it is a problem when you plug in a GPS in the CW mode, or have a short circuit there.  Most likely it is something simple.  I suggest seeing what component you can remove to disable the transmitter while you troubleshoot - perhaps the choke feeding the PA.  Not unusual to have a small issue in assembly - do evaluate the keying circuitry.  If you need more help, do query the list here. 


Steve Nichols

I would also check for shorts around the pads and tracks where the three BS170s are soldered.