QDX current question

Harry Latterman

I will be getting a unbuilt QDX V1 kit shortly. I was wondering what the current should be using 9 volts during transmitting. I have built a simple 12 to 9 volt VR for my 20 meter mini for WSPR.  Hoping it will also work for the QDX.

Also after reading one of the posts dealing with up grading the V1 to a V2. I think I missed that in the V1 assembly manual. Am I looking in the right place and is the hardware change needed? If I don't mod the V1 to a V2 level which Rev of firmware should I use?

73 Harry K7ZOV

Armin, DJ2AG


the V1.06 manual has this info:

  • Receive current: 100mA; Transmit current 1.0 – 1.1A (9V supply, 5W output)

73 Armin, DJ2AG

Harry Latterman


Thank you for that. I saw that. However past experience with dozen of radios has taught me that what is posted as "typical" radio specs and what ends up as real can be different. Case in point the Xeigu G90 is spec'd at 8 amps at 20 watts. In reality it is more like 5 amps max. Thus my question is, has anyone actually done a key down on different bands and have real world numbers.
73 and thank you again
Harry K7ZOV