QDX, WSJT-X, and the RPi Zero 2W #qdx

Mark N8MH

Hi Group,

Santa delivered today an RPi Zero 2W, with a tiny case.

I've found the AMSAT FoxInABox ver3 disk image located at the link below to be helpful in the shack and used it to make a 64GB SD drive for the new Zero 2W.  While the WSJT-X is an older version (2.1.2 as I recall?), it's hard to beat having it work "out of the box".   Quite a few other fun software packages in this disk image, as well (including SSTV, packet, support for RTL-SDR, etc.).   For those of us that dabble a little in *nix, this disc image route is a pretty quick one.  If you'd prefer a pre-loaded SD card, the AMSAT store sells them at a decent price.  Otherwise, download and burn!


The headless HDMI emulator and VNC for remote control is good.  Pretty important to get the desktop resolution pretty high or you can't even click to save the settings in WSJT-X, heh.  Even got WSJT-X logging over to ACLog running on the main Windows box. That's slick.

About the only thing being worked through here at N8MH is how the system "labels" or detects the QDX sound card.  So far, I've got it running on three different RPi boxes, and it appears differently on each one.  Only one box showed entries with "QDX" in the name, as seen in the newest operations manual. Anyhow, a little trial and error and I've been able to get it going. 

Here are a couple screengrabs.  There is no icon/shortcut to start WSJT-X, but the "run..." menu and typing in "wstjx" will get it going.  The desktop shot is included so you can see what other icons there are, out of the box.

Mark N8MH


Sweet setup!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14

Mike - N5AQM

Now that is cool Mark! 

I have several zero w2's and a QDX that I use for ft8 and WSPR. One has been installed in a Shari Pi3U Allstar node for likely the smallest Allstar node around... Works great and fits in your shirt pocket. I am currently running the QDX on a Pi4b but smaller is better! :))