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Just my luck to be at the VA hospital for a couple hours so I just now got your message about the tools for sale.  Most likely sold, but I am interested if they are still listed. 
EuGene Smith, KA5NLY

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Just my luck...

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I am thinning my kit building tools and have these excess. - Component tester, with latest (2020) v1.42m software and upgraded 16 Mhz. crystal. Current CN units have v1.12 software from about 2012 and a 8 Mhz. crystal. A SEQURE SQ-D60 soldering iron with 60 watt power supply and stand. A USBasp programmer upgraded with latest software. Current CN units have software from about 2011. The programmer will program the QRP-Labs Atmega328P chips in circuit, and an adapter board (unbuilt kit or built, your choice) is included for programming them out of circuit. One blank Atmega328P chip for you to experiment with. And, something you really, really, need, a toroid holder to help you neatly wind all those toroids. All of these kit building aides for $75 plus shipping. Email me offline and I will send you pictures. With these tools, your kit building will never be the same.:) Mitch W4OA