OF topic - CDR Music playing on an Automotive type CD player -sequencing. Domain DM-B629 #linear

Timothy Fidler

CD R blanks** are getting quite hard to get so I 'd rather get an opinion before I start wasting them.  You'll find plenty of good stuff loaded in the Files section
so I reckon I can ask an OT question.
** Small town NZ - your mileage may vary. It is sad  because a CDR is a very stable and reliable method of storing and retrieving what is BIG Data by my standard.  I  have seen estimates of a 60 yr archival time if they are kept cool and in the dark. 

Here's the issue - 

If you set up a CD (MP3 files) with artists' names say at the root directory and then music at next level down, does the average automotive
CD plus MP3 player throw a fit  (otherwise known as Barfing it )  because all the MP3 are not in the root directory - or does it play them but in a seemingly arbitrary order??

  MY gut feeling is he latter order,  but it would be good to know.  (Why an arbit order - because the player is not a PC and the easiest firmware kludge is to start at the beginning of the CD spiral and play down the spiral in the order that the physical tracks are lasered in).  Of course a whole lot of bench work to set up (the CD player is going in a box but I don't have the PSU yet etc) would show one way or other but somewhere out in the cloud might know .  A generic worst case answer is also useful because it might suggest that if I run a few CDs off I need to do them in two versions one for a Computer / Laptop and another root directory only version for  more basic CD players.  CDs don't really have a VTOC in the way that a HD drive has.

The model I have also has provision for an MP3 Flash stick as a memory device .  - Is the behaviour reading off the stick in terms of track sequence going to mirror the CDR ? and does the subdirectory or sub folder issue / question apply there ?  My feeling for the stick is that the player will play in the order that the tracks were written to the stick ,  but sometimes what seems logical is not what in fact happens. 

any input based on experience would be much appreciated. 

Moderator - please leave up for a couple of days and I will delete. there has to be an RF angle in here somewhere.. I know a Pirate radio station .. um no that won't do . 


Most likely the cd player will seek and buffer, playing them ordered by directory. If it also has a port for a flash device, then it too should seek and buffer.

With cheaper mp3 players that read off flash, they will only play in order, reading from the FAT (file allocation table).