U3S build out #u3s #gps


Made a few modifications to the standard U3S case.
I haven't had DB9 cables around for years, so I nibbled the opening to fit a RJ45 jack. The connector is a panel mountable pigtail with one end cut off. For power I drilled the hole out to 22mm and added a 3D-printed Anderson Powerpole holder.

For the GPS, I used the case from a roadkill TV box. It already had a RJ45 jack, but sadly it was corroded, so I superglued in a RJ45 breakout. Now I can use a standard shielded Cat7 cable between the two. To prevent future-me from doing something stupid like plugging in a live Ethernet cable, I used the 4 wires not normally used in Ethernet.

Going through initial setup & calibration tomorrow.


Hi Micah,
seeing you have plenty of space available, I would recommend you built your self a 12volt to 5volt linear regulator (only need 3 components) to save yourself any grief if you should forget and accidentally connect a 12 volt source to your power pole leads.

73 Ken G4APB

Alan G4ZFQ

I used the 4 wires not normally used in Ethernet.
Modern high speed Ethernet does use those four.
And watch out for power over Ethernet which uses those four.
For absolute safety it might be best to use something else:-)

73 Alan G4ZFQ