#linear Amps and non-linear Amps #linear

Arv Evans


Interesting  two amps at the link one does 100W the onter near 50..
THe 100W unit uses 10in a 5x5 push pull and does about half the
power of my 4x4 6M (220W at 28V) unit with the same IRF510s. 
That's pretty poor power for 28V amp. 

The WA2EBY design is near 21 years old since publised.  I built
it in 2006 and its been solid since runing about 45-55W on all
bands save for 10M where its 37w.  But it does it with two irf510s.

Both of mine are linear so long as they are not over driven.

Also both have to be built so they are stable at about 100ma
or more per device.

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