QCX+ build notes

David Birnbaum

Got my QCX+ assembled with only a few problems.  Installing T1 first was a HUGE improvement over the QCX.  I found getting JP4 a bit fiddly - perhaps installing JP3-5 earlier would make it easier.  Only hitch was volume control pot was defective - unfortunately not discovered until I went through alignment.

Otherwise a really nice kit and if possible even nicer than the QCX.  Looking forward to using the Dev kit.



You may be able to salvage the volume control.  The contacts between the pin pads and the printed resistive element can easily be damaged when bending the leads for soldering.  Use a thin needle nose pliers and squeeze the each contact in the area of the hole and it should work.  I had this problem and squeezing the connection worked.  For anyone building a QCX+ I suggest holding the tabs in the volume control with a needel nose pliers while you bend the leads so you do not put any pressure on the compression connection.

Ben Bangerter, K0IKR

I soldered short bits of bare wire to the terminals of the pot, to avoid stressing the connections.  After the volume control is securely mounted to the front panel, with the wires protruding through the pads, I will solder the connections and trim the leads.  It is a delicate part.  This arrangement will also make for easier removal of the pot, should it ever need to be replaced.

73,  Ben  K0IKR


This is a great idea and I will definitely use it on my next QCX+ build.

Sheldon Hartling

Thanks, Ben.

Great idea.  I caught this just in time for my QCX+/40M build.  I posted pictures to the Facebook group in my post about the ‘quite fiddly’ QCX+ front panel assembly.

73, Sheldon VE1GPY