QCX+ Pin Headers

K2DB Paul Mackanos

When i got to this step:
3.54 Install header pin connectors JP3, JP4 and JP5 

Lo and behold, no pin header in kit, (sigh). I knew if i contacted Hans, he would send me another, but the wait time is too long when you get to this point in the building of the kit. I went to DigiKey, and found them, already cut to the size needed, Very inexpensive, so I ordered a few extras. Ordered them on Wednesday, they arrived on Friday. Now to go and install them in the mostly completed kit, and continue. I hope they fit :-)
Just and FYI for you guys.
Paul K2DB


They will fit fine.  I use headers on as many connections to the board as possible.  For the CAT control and GPS connections to the rear panel in the QCXPI added headers to the board end of the connections.  Much easier to install and work on the board as the header can be unplugged.