QCX 1.05 WSPR startup


From U3S Manual.  Same subroutine in QCX

When first switched on, a GPS unit powered from the same power supply may not yet have
achieved 3D lock. In this situation the time will likely be wrong (starting at 00:00:00). If GPS Mode is
non-zero, the transmission sequence does not start until a valid time decode from the GPS. If there
is no valid time decode by the time “Frame” minutes have elapsed, the system will give up waiting
for a valid decode and start transmitting regardless

Dean Smith

And i know something simular happens on the U3s.
so would it be the same answer?

Dean Smith

I've set up the QCX+ to do wspr.
The gps in normal CW,clock mode showing, sets up in around a second or two.. warm start!.
When beacon is selected, and you bail out the firmware goes about its business.
If you attempt to switch off QCX, then repower it up, auto wspr!
it does not set the clock first WSPR cycle tho :( next round it is then set!
bug or feature???