QCX 40m CAT Interface... #cable #cat

Mark Garrisi

Hi all;

     My build will be complete this week!  Have a CAT question.
I understand I need to use a USB TTL style cable.  I found one with a 3.5mm stereo plug wired correctly.  Question is: Do I need a FTDI chipset?  On amazon, I found one stating this:  FTDI FT232RL Chipset: Built-in industrial grade FTDI FT232RL chip, high stability, enough to handle a variety of complex situations.


DSD TECH USB to 3.5mm 3.3V TTL Cable with Audio Jack Interface 6FT

Can I use this?  or do I avoid the chipset?


You need to use 5 volt TTL levels with the QCX .  

Most USB to TTL adaptors use the 5 volt levels. Most USB  chipsets will work.  Check the specs on what operating systems are supported by the device.

73, Bernie, VE3FWF
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Paul Ross

the 3.2 volt version works fine. Amazon is our friend. Works "out of the box."