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Carl conrad Maeder

Prog-Rock with a strange error !

I bought two prog rock sets. With one SI5351 module I only get a frequency when I switch on for the first time. When I switch off and on again, the LED is permanently on.  So the start-up test is not successful.

One more time after a longer wait (1 day) I made it a second time, after that not anymore. Everything re-soldered and checked with a magnifying glass.....

 If I put the second SI5351 module on the same processor board, it works fine.

An identical picture with the second processor board. So there must be something with the first SI5351 module!

 Does anyone have a idea ?
73 Carl

Carl conrad Maeder

Thank you for support!
I found the mistake: It was a bad solderid pin from the preassebled Si5351 chip!

73 Carl