Panel Mount interface for QCX GPS port for connection to QLG1

Wesley Matthews

Can someone post a link to a panel mount fitting that will mount right into the nice cutout with mounting screw holes on the QCX enclosure?

There is also a 4-pin terminated cable shown on the QRP-Labs website in the photo with the QLG1 but no link to purchase one. Can someone post a link for that also?

Thanks all.

Merry Christmas.


Trystan G0KAY

I'm going to try a 4-pole 3.5mm socket for my QCX to the GPS. The type that mobile phones use. Tip for +ve and barrel for ground. That way avoiding shorting to ground as you push the plug in.

I've not done it yet despite having the connectors already.

All the best


I'm not able to see my enclosures but from the photos on the website it looks like it could be for a DB9F DSUB connector.