QRP Labs receiver performance #polyphase #rcvr

Mike Berg

I decided to try the QRP Labs receiver on my "good" antenna (inverted L @ 40') and use it with my Raspberry Pi3 WSJT-X station.
Because the Pi3 uses a USB Signalink soundcard with mono input, I had to put on the polyphase daughterboard with jumpers set to decode upper sideband.
I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to see performance rivaling the idle FT-1200dx sitting next to it.
I might also add the band pass filters really work.
I have filters built up for 20m, 30m, 40m and 80m.  If I change bands and forget to change the bandpass filter, it's immediately apparent - no signals!

If there are any educators in the audience, this kit and accessories would be a great tool to show students how a SDR receiver works. 
All the components are big enough to see and allow easy access to measure signals.

Mike N0QBH

Niels Jalling

I have just finished soldering a QRP Labs receiver. I haven't powered it yet because my Teensy software is not ready. I look forward to try both standard phasing method and 3rd method ssb.
Then a companion exciter module would be nice :-)

Ryan Flowers

I ordered mine last week, and am going to try it out with both the phasing module and with a Teensy per ZL2CTM:

Ryan Flowers - W7RLF