My 20m version finaly done #qcx #20m


Finaly my 20m version is done. 3.9W on 13.8V after 2 sets of burned output transistors and coil unwinding, if you go down to low on windings it does kill output :)
Good sensitivity on a 5m piece of wire hearing 500km statiosn with no problem

Available case models for 3d print all had something i did not like or had a feature missing, so i designed my own.
  • Integrated foldable legs
  • Support column under the encoder for pcb stress releif
  • Shorter hole for built in key so the top of the case acts like a stop for the key down position and actualy improves keying feeling
  • Holes for the srews on power connector
  • No top cut outs for buttons in top cover, nice in-line profile
  • Bottom screw heads are inset in the case so they dont stick out on surface
  • Rounded corners and tight fit for all holes
  • Inside top screw column have more material so i can use self tap or metal insets for connection
  • Space inside available to add a step-up or similar V up module
Overall very nice compact rig.
STLs will be available on etsy or similar

mike mccarthy

Your case is a work of art,  and you still have use of the microswitch key.

Daniel Conklin

Please let me know when the files are available.  I really love your total concept.
73, Dan - W2DLC