QCX-40 build complete #qcx #enclosure

Don, ND6T

My latest QCX is for 40m and is working incredibly with the new firmware. I installed connectors for all of the off-board controls, jacks, and display. Hans left room for all of them (genius!). While dreaming of cases I realized that the ideal (for me) was the little C Crane WiFi internet "radio" that sits in the living room. A call to the company yielded a non-functional early prototype that they gave me as scrap. It was tight, had to install it in layers, but the results are exactly what I wanted. No notice of any noise from the additional cabling or the un-shielded platic cabinet.
Also shown below is my early 80m QCX that I built into an antique brass jewelry box. Since these are not used as portable (due to the high current drain) they now adorn the operating bench at home. Stylin' and smilin' !
73, Don