Need help fixing audio (or more) on pre-built QCX I broke #qcx #rcvr #problem

Derek Hansen

Thanks for adding me to the group!
I hate to admit how little experience I have, but my purpose in coming to this group is to ask for help in fixing my QCX. And by “help” I need to ship this little wonder to someone who has the experience and equipment, as I have neither :(
The Story (or, how I broke it)
I purchased a pre-built 40m QCX, which worked perfectly when it arrived. I made a few contacts (awesome!) and then I tried to configure. My first mistake was using hook-up wire to connect the terminals to show the battery voltage (I didn’t even know jumper wire with terminals existed). I accidentally touched the adjacent posts and my radio reset a few times. The QCX didn’t behave the same: the audio was out (clicking only) and the rotary dial didn’t work. Hans recommended I order a new IC chip, which I did. Installing that was within my skill level and that seemed to fix most of the issues, but the audio was still not 100%. I thought, “hey, I have another radio, I can test this”. I hooked up the QCX to another 40m antenna and transmitted. My other radio confirmed that I was getting signal out. But the reverse test on receive did something to the QCX. The S-meter spiked and then, no audio. I’ve spent a few weeks now watching Hans’ video and reviewing the manual. I used my multi-meter to measure a few things and confirmed that some of the ICs don’t have the voltage levels expected. I even purchased a reading glass to inspect the components, but I quickly realized I don’t even know what I’m looking for. My delusions of thinking I could have built this as a kit quickly shattered.
Anyway, I’ve packed up the QCX and the enclosure box I ordered. I’m writing to see if there is someone out there who has the time, experience, and equipment necessary to help me fix the radio.
Hans said I could send the QCX back to him for repair — very generously offered to fix it — but recommended finding something local (US?) first to save some money. It is for this purpose that I am writing, to see if there is anyone in the US who might be willing / able to help me.


Derek, I have repaired a few QCX units for fellow hams. No charge, just part of the fraternity. Let me know if I can help.
> I finally got it all I can't remember where I put it<

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Sierra Vista, AZ