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I'm building the QLG1 kit to use with the WSPR beacon kit with the QRPLabs enclosure so I have ordered a quality external GPS antenna.  The QLG1 docs state that if an external antenna is used then R10 should typically be 10 ohms and L3 is 27nH or a ferrite bead. I would greatly appreciate some guidance as to what others here have successfully used..... Current capacity of the 10 ohm resistor? , and size and mix of the ferrite??  Thanking everyone in advance. Steven, N2WJ


1/4 watt 10 ohm resistor I had on hand, and about 5 turns of scrap wire from another QRP-Labs build, wrapped around a T37 core. Did not even measure the choke to see how close I got to 27 nH, to be honest.

That's been the solution on 2 boards, has worked fine.