16 volts #qcx

Andy V. Borisenko

gentlemen, I have a question.
who used QCX at a voltage of 16 volts?
is it safe?

Peter GM0EUL

I have, in fact my QCX20 is here with me now running from a homebrew 16V psu.  It puts out about 2 Watts from my 12V NiMH battery pack and about 3.5 Watts from the 16V PSU.  Its perfectly safe.  

Peter GM0EUL

Andy V. Borisenko

thanks for the answer Peter.
I have QCX20, at a voltage of 12 volts, current 0.535A, power 3.45 watts, 14V / 0.628A / 4.92W, 15V / 0.663A / 5.25W, 16V / 0.698A / 5.94 watts.
measuring instruments R&S NGMO1/R&S FSH3.
I just thought how safe the long work at 16 volts is.

Josh Boyd

I put a little heatsink on the regulator but I run mine on 4 18650 batteries when topped up should be 16.4-16.8v .no issues.