UPDATE - QCX Died ...... Sigh #qcx

Rick Williams - VE7TK

The QCX amazes me. It is a VERY robust little rig.

I tracked down my "self-inflicted" problem. It seems that while ensuring that the new display was well seated I fractured a poor solder joint on the Schottky diode mod I had installed on the underside of the board. It looks like this wayward solder joint shorted pin 20 (AVCC) on the processor to ground. This enabled inductor L5 to do double duty as a fuse. I removed the Schottky diode and replaced it with a "new" L5.

After a little firmware installation assistance from Hans I was back in business. 4.6 watts into my 3-element SteppIR!

Thanks to Hans for designing such an amazing little rig and thanks for the great support!
73, Rick