Five circumnavigations?! #wspr

John AE5X

I see that David's (VE3KCL) latest balloon is about to complete its 5th lap around this sphere we all call home. Pretty amazing! Sunset at the balloon's current QTH (just west of California) is at 0300Z tonight and I believe it only transmits during daylight hours. It is in a position to be (easily?) copied bu NA stations this evening and tomorrow.

Is this a record or have other QRP WSPRing balloons gone further?
John AE5X

Brian - W7OWO

Hmmm.  Looking at the spotting reports for the last 10 minutes, puts it just north of Roswell, New Mexico.


It's heading home!  Will it cross the 79.4 W longitude line any closer to its launch site than U3B-14 did?  I noticed that this one lingered around Hawai'i during laps 4 and it trying to suggest a southern launch spot for U3B-27?  Dave, I'd love to help; I'll be going there in a month or so.  -Halden VE7UTS