QCX beacon enhancement possibility #poll

Joe Street

I was thinking about a possibility for a feature that could be incorporated in these radios Hans has been designing.  Since the ability to interface with a GPS is already there it would be an interesting option to have a menu item that could turn on a feature which appends the latituge / longitude GPS coordinates to the beacon.  I wanted to poll the members of this list to see how many others think this would be a valuable feature and if there is enough interest perhaps Hans could add it to a future firmware release if there are enough remaining resources on the microcontroller.  I was thinking that this could allow the beacon to act as an emergency locator transmitter when configured as such.  There could be other reasons for it as well.

So the question for this poll is:  Please choose your level of interest for addind lat/long to the beacon function.

Best regards
Joe ve3vxo


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