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Is there a way to tune your dipole antenna (cut it to length) with the QCX without any other instruments? I know the QCX has the S-meter. Can this be used for tuning purposes?


It would depend on what you wanted to aspect you were wanting to tune- min SWR or Max signal. If you had a good stable signal source to listen to on the QCX, you might find the S-meter would respond as you trimmed the antenna. But, that might not give you min SWR. Assuming you use 50 ohm feedline, the SWR presented to the QCX output stage is a function of the impedance of the antenna, and at resonance a dipole may not be 50 ohms, depending on height, etc. So, short answer would be- No, S meter will not be too useful to tune antenna to min SWR.
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