Simple Rig #qcx #antenna #40m


Today, I tried a very simple installation: 13m of thin antenna wire on a Chinese made 1:9 UnUn, grounded with a crocodile patch to the radiator. The wire was running out of the 1st floor window in about 2m height through my quite wet garden. Operating the QCX from a 12V lead battery, output 4W. Antenna matched with a small Kenwood AT-120. This installation was made in the room of my son, so I was too lazy to bring my morse key from my ordinary shack under the roof – operated with the microswitch of the QCX. What should i say? I got RBN reports from W1 (6000km, 4dB) and made a very nice QSO with F4, who was operating 300W (599+ here; 1000km). I got RST 359, but I guess it must have been more of a 539… Very satisfied again. Next time, I will try to install the same rig as a portable station out in the fields. Keep you updated and will post pictures next time.

73 de DG2FDD, Jens