Measure VSWR with QCX RF Power meter #qcx #antenna

Adam Goler

Hi all,

Does anyone have any suggestions for measuring the VSWR using the on-board QCX RF power meter? It's mentioned in the manual that it isn't highly accurate, but I feel like it should be good enough to give a relative estimate. 

Essentially, what I'm doing now is measuring the RF power just after L1 (as suggested in the manual for measuring power output) with a 50 ohm dummy load and comparing it to the same measurement with an antenna connected. I think at least this gives a relative assessment of how much power is being coupled into the antenna... 


73, Adam KM6PHD NAQCC#9838


No, not really and its not any fault of the power meter.

The reason is you learn nothing by measuring the power at the output
without a refernce of some sort and even then the TX behaves differently
if the load changes.

If you make a bridge or a directional coupler then you can use the power
meter to detect forward and reflected power.