ZM-2 toggle switches for RF

Ted 2E0THH

I've recently built a ZM-2 antenna matching unit for use in conjunction with my QCX40, constructed from a circuit diagram I found on the web.
For the main part it works brilliantly but I have found that the toggle switches are noisy if I waggle them from side to side, with sometimes the signal weakening whilst doing so.

It may be that I should just have spent more money on the switches but I just wondered if any of you who built the Emtech ZM-2 kits have ever noticed the same issue?

73s Ted

Steve in Okinawa

Did you buy some ultra-cheap DPDT toggle switches from eBay, by any chance? I did and binned them all after several tested bad.  JS6TMW 

Ted 2E0THH

Oh Dear...
Guilty as charged, looks like that was a serous false economy.

Any manufacturers you would recommend? I was just browsing Multicomp switches.
They will be switching antenna signals, so should I opt for gold instead of silver?

73s Ted


I have a Emtech ZM-2 and love it! No noise or clicking from the switches or power drop. Works as it should.


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