Shack clock out of date


Have my gps disciplined shack clock running just fine - with one (new) exception:  still reading "01 Jan19   6:50" when it should be reading "02 ..."  Using the default configuration, which also reads "A  3D  f10  t11  s30"

Any suggestions?


Is this because I have set the time delta to a negative, relative to Geneva?

KI7MWA know what I mean...

Alan Richmond

" know what I mean..."

Ah! So!

The Prime Meridian.


Nope, that's not it either.  With the local time offset set to -480 (that's minus four hundred eighty) minutes, and the first line set to display local date and time, the date rolls over at 4:00pm local time (in the case of today, the 2nd of January, the first line displayed "01Jan19" until 4:00pm local, when it changed to "02Jan19").  With the offset set to +960, the local date shows 03, instead of 02.

Rick Williams - VE7TK

I believe that this firmware glitch has been reported to Hans. No doubt it's on his "to do list". My clock lost the Month at for Jan 1 on the Local time display. It came back at 0000 UTC when it rolled over to Jan 2nd UTC.

73, Rick

Curt M.

I'm patiently awaiting the fix for this.  I built two clock kits for an application where I need to know accurate 12 hour local time. When I saw that the upgrade was available to do this I flashed both of the clocks and scratched my head for a few days trying to figure out where I was making a mistake.  I'm sure they will get to it sometime.