Hi all


Anyone with experience of QRSS maybe able to help me with this one.

I have a 20m QCX  but find it seems to work well on 40/30/20m too, I know about possible harmonic issues on tx but just using it out of band on RX (Well I have used it on 30m WSPR and got good reports from all over but that’s another story)

Have a look at the screen grab below and see if you can help identify some transmissions,

This is off my 20m QCX with the vfo set on 40m, no other mods at all but seems very sensitive anyway.


1st one is at the top of the screen at about 7.03925

Then 7.039875 and also at 7.039825

I see these signal on many 40m QRSS grabs of other people too.