LCD top row is blocks, bottom row is blank

Piotr Skarpetowski


I've already assembled recently received 40m band QCX TRX(T1.00e). When I power it up I am getting "LCD top row is blocks, bottom row is blank" as it is described in

I do have exactly the same behaviour as Karlis(,,,50,0,0,0::relevance,,%23qcx,50,2,50,23353220,ct=1&ct=1) who described his problem.

When I am trying to listen about 20Mhz crystal, there is nothing, It is not oscillating.

Is there a way to check that AVR is not empty without using programmer? If not I will buy one.


73 de SQ5JUP,

Jeff Whisler W9KW


My 40M QCX had the same symptoms.  I did carefully check my solder work as recommended and also performed a reset.

None of these steps made any improvement.  I asked Hans for a new EPROM which he promptly supplied.  All is well now.

Best wishes and good luck.