QCX vol control and S mtr

Alan de G1FXB

Hi Bob,

S-Meter = Uncalibrated, both AF gain and the scaling setting see
Assembly manual section describing  alignment menu option 7.7
(Page No# 99 of the Version3 A4 formatted PDF, may be different depending on your version / locale)
Affect readout.


On 25/08/2018 15:13, Chopper wrote:
Not sure if I just did not pay attention to this before or if something has changed.  I noticed that the signal strength meter is effected by volume control.  ie if I increase the volume, the S mtr shows a stronger signal. Need to go look at circuit to see where S mtr is generated but afraid it is a software generated sig.  Is this correct operation?


Saw that after I dug into the manual.  Not sure why I did not notice before,  Possibly as I had volume down while I finished another project and noticed the S-mtr dropped \
Thank You.  Tried to delete question as I had answer but you beat me to it. 


Play with the parameters a bit and you should find a satisfactory response on this little meter. It's sweet spot will vary with your hearing and headphones, but I have a decent response resembling a reasonable S meter.