QCX 60m Tuning #qcx


I was about to ask about whether the tuning for the 60m QCX was channelized, as I couldn't find anything in the group message archives.
Then I thought to look at the Assembly manual. It indicates that tuning on the 60m version of the QCX is from 4.63 Mhz to 5.91 Mhz.
Since i had some difficulty finding this information, I thought that I would reiterate it for the benefit of anyone else wondering the same thing. 

This range encompasses the "5 channels" we have here in North America and also the "new" WRC-15 allocation from 5351.5 Mhz to 5366.5 Mhz,
which we hope to have access to at some point in the not too distant future.  In fact this tuning range is wide enough that I think everyone's 60m allocation
should be somewhere within this range. 

Recently I have noticed an increased use of 60m CW here in North America for SOTA and my experience is that this band is still quite under-utilized.
It works very well for daytime contacts within a 500 mile radius, making it well suited for SOTA use. 

It seems that the QCX would be a perfect 60m addition to my SOTA setup ! 


Michael VE3WMB / VA2NB