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QCX firmware updating 6 messages By Alan G4ZFQ ·
U3S Latest Firmware has no .eep 11 messages By Roger Hill ·
Change request, add morse characters 59 messages By Ben ·
QCX Firmware change request: Validate CAT frequency values. 36 messages By Ham Radio ·
QCX Firmware change request: XON/XOFF flow control for CAT. 1 messages By Sheldon Hartling ·
QCX in WSPR mode with GPS, clock stops (fw: v1.05) 5 messages By Howard K6IA ·
#qcx #wspr #firmware 3 messages By Kalle Johansson ·
Help needed to update QCX firmware 22 messages By Snowist ·
#firmware #qcx40 6 messages By Alan G4ZFQ ·
Firmware update 9 messages By Daniel Conklin ·
QCX chip broken? 6 messages By Mike Besemer - WM4B ·
QCX firmware upgrade instructions for USBASP and Extreme Burner 7 messages By Ted 2E0THH ·
Simple firmware instructions for USBASP 14 messages By Guy ·
U3S kit, WSPR multiband schedule? 4 messages By Cathal Ferris ·
Update QCX Firmware to v1.05 notes (Linux command line, breadboard programmer) 4 messages By Jacques - ZS1PL ·
Problem with QCX RX frequency , erratic change of frequency reverting from TX to RX. 1 messages By Denis DL5SFC ·
QCX+ with ATMEGA644-20PU? 9 messages By freefuel@... ·
QCX CAT Debug feature request 4 messages By Ham Radio ·
Possible RX inversion problem with QCX CAT? 3 messages By Ham Radio ·
Firmware upgrade to T1.04 1 messages By David Kukulka, AB9BZ ·
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