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Updating firmware with Linux and USBasp 1 messages By Kevin Zembower ·
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Trying to upload new firware to blank atmel 4 messages By TrueBlue ·
Programming a fresh QCX CPU 15 messages By Jack Brabham - KZ5A ·
Help with 1.00g QCX Firmware Upgrade File 6 messages By Curt M. ·
Write the hex file into ATMEGA328P 6 messages By DM3BL ·
QCX Vibroplex (Bug) keying emulation. 2 messages By Wes ·
QCX firmware 1.00g, minor bug fix release 12 messages By Ham Radio ·
Alternative software for QCX with FT8 and some others FSK modulation support 6 messages By Pedro Henrique Kopper ·
QCX Antenna Analyser feasibility 1 messages By Pedro Henrique Kopper ·
Single Line on LCD at Boot; No processor read. 9 messages By Big Uke ·
QCX firmware empty 3 messages By Big Uke ·
U3S Feature Request - encoding measurement data in extended WSPR mode 2 messages By Hans Summers ·
CW Decoder loosing track after a while 6 messages By Colin Buckup ·
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