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#50w #case #building #pa Fitting PCB to upper case half 5 messages By Kevin Luxford ·
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QCX + 40m First Power Up Help,https://elektrotanya.com/cgi-bin/download2.cgi?dk=lwxopbs126ekuzaf3b6nxwxmvbs1m5yj6tjil3s3s3jzrrfw&fid=343959&file=ameritron_als-500m.pdf Snap Crackle Pop, Newbie 10 messages By Stephen Sherer ·
HOW TO MAKE a multi-band portable field antenna for NO tuner needed for forthcoming QCX mini 8 messages By James Daldry W4JED ·
#Building For Sale 2N5109 and 2N5160 Transistors By Everett N4CY ·
BUILDING THE QCX+ AND 50 WATT AMPLIFIER IN THE SAME ENCLOSURE WITH QRP AND QRO SWITCHING #solution #enclosure #qcx+ and 50w amp in same enclosure# #auto switching qrp and qro 2 messages By W5EGA@... ·
10W linear build video By Kevin Polston ·
QCX+ problem - no CAT, continuous 5V on PTT 9 messages By Ham Radio ·
ocxo/synth 2014 & U3S Rev2 2014 with v3.08 chip 4 messages By Mike Berg ·
DSB & AM on 222MHz with IQ receiver, can it be done? #building #vhf #si5351a #fst3253 #1.25M 15 messages By freefuel@... ·
getting high voltages 14 messages By will.koenig.rn@... ·
#QCX+ #building tips 18 messages By Bill Cromwell ·
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