Re: Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries for QCX

Richard G4TGJ

I use AA NiMH cells for my QCX and FT817ND. They are cheap, safe, widely available and compatible with so many other things. If I was running QRO then I'd look at LiFE batteries.

Re: Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries for QCX


I use them when the weight and power they afford is reasonable.
Decent ones are fairly cheap and with a good charger they last a 
fair number of recharge cycles.

They fail for fully charged shelf life.  If I'm using them they are fresh
out of the charger or by 15 days out they are 20% down.

I di use them in two HTs that use AA cells. The internal battery for
the FT817 as they need to be charged often.  Various devices that
are already accepting AA sized cells.

AA size I use are 2200mah  the same capacity in Lithium is about 
a bit more than twice the weight.  If I have to carry enough to run
a larger amount of time lithium is still the way to go.

I still use NiCd and Lead acid (gelled and AGM) as well.  They have a 
place for applications and sometime low cost power.

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Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries for QCX

George Korper


I use Nickel Metal Hydride and alkaline batteries with the QCX. 
They are very cheap these days, and less hazardous that Lithium and 
not restricted to carry on by TSA. They have little memory, and are pretty cheap. 
I like they are AA.

I use 20 volt Lithium batteries for the amp and love 'em but for a barefoot
QCX, the Nickel Metal Hydride or Alkaline seem sufficient. 

My question what are members in the Group feelings about these vs. Lithium. I know Lithium
batteries are  popular these days, but there are some drawbacks. What do you think?


Re: QLG1 GPS Receiver kit

David R. Hassall WA5DJJ

Dear Johnathan,
Sorry but I was reading the mail and am interested in your MAX232 ADAPTOR from your tool box.   I want one of those for my tool box.   Where did you find it.   It looks like a real useful accessory.   I also appreciate your explanation of your GPS card and the things your doing with it.   I am seriously thinking of doing something similar.

Take care and have fun.
73 Dave WA5DJJ 

Re: fS 40m QCx with BamaTech case

Dan Pflugrath

I will take your QCX-20 with or with out the case.   Contact me through email link on  73 Dan KA7GPP 

Re: Noise screenshot


When it comes to noise switch mode power supplies are first to blame and for good reason.

Second is some solar installs the inverters or the "optimizers" can be rather bad or only
sunup sundown.

Often if sudden and new I do a power check (flip the min breaker) and with the house quiet
I'm on battery normally (solar battery off grid shack) I swing the beams.
THen I get out the FT817 and a small yagi for 138mhz and go out on foot.
That rig I can often localize a noise source from the street often to what
part of the house.

Neighbors Dewalt battery charger is nasty, I clued him in to the repair replace
that they do and that was solved..  One guy had an arc in his house and refused
to do something, two days later he had to call the FD about "smoke smell" from
a small door bell transformer that was cooking. Noise went away.  New led
lighting has been an issue but many of them self fix (crappy devices fail faster).

Remember I (WE) have a license to transmit,  bought gadgets does not grant
others that and noise is direct interference.

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Re: Solar Storm


Yes, I did see a minute or so wide broad band noise peak on 6M last night.
I've witnessed that more than a few times when the sun storms, some
bands black out other see undefined noise.  Maybe because I have the
6M rig up all the time I get to see that.

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Re: 49:1 End Fed antenna From 50 Watt Amp Parts



We both think differently but we do arrive at the same spot.   I like
antennas as its one area that even the most store bought can still
experiment and have success.  Its also one where without breaking
the bank one can have tons of fun and achieve the best station small
money can buy.

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Re: Solar Storm

George Korper

On 80 meters SSB signals went to nothing last night in NC. 
The NTS net this morning functioned better. 

Re: kit GPS QLG1 #gps

Alan G4ZFQ

 have never seen the green LED on once.

That is with the all QLG1s just powered up? I mean not connected to the U3S? Once locked the LED should flash.

If you have never tested them without connecting to the U3S I suspect a fault on the U3S causes this problem.
If you have tested them on their own then it looks like something you have done. But it seems unlikely you made the same error 3 times.
If the PPS input to the U3S is grounded by a solder splash or unetched track then maybe that is the problem. I'm not sure but some have had IC1 fail, maybe because of this.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

kit GPS QLG1 #gps

F1BFU - Fr - 79

Hello all
Following the setbacks encountered with my first two QLG1 GPS kits (no pps signal), I have just finished the kit for my third QLG1 and I am having the same problem.
No pps sign on my U3S.
Can you tell me if this problem has already been encountered and what is the source of the problem in order to remedy it.
 have never seen the green LED on once.
4 satellites are tracked.

Gilles F1BFU/FR

Re: Solar Storm

Steve in Okinawa

Hans will have to speak for his part of the world, but in the Far East the nose on 20 was only slightly higher than usual. More remarkable was the total lack of signals from around 2200z on 40 meters.  I could not even detect the FT8 clump. Like some giant vacuum cleaner was at work.

Re: qcx 30M under construction

Bob Smith

Thanks Mike. Turns out being OCD is good for kit building.

Re: PCB blemish

ian liston-smith

Thanks for the suggestions. There seems to be continuity at both ends and no short to an adjacent track. Must be just a weird blob of solder resist.



Re: qcx 30M under construction

Mike Besemer - WM4B

That workbench is WAY too neat!  Shameful!  ;>)





From: [] On Behalf Of Bobby Smith via
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2020 11:41 PM
Subject: [QRPLabs] qcx 30M under construction


got the board stuffed today, just one casualty, one of the 47uH axial inductors. pulled one of the leads too hard and it just popped right out. power up and test tomorrow.

The main reason for my post is that I can't believe you all deliver what you do in this kit for this price. The instructions are first rate, going beyond the cliche Heathkit grade. First rate. Waiting on a Phaser but I plan to buy everything you all put out as the best way I know to support you.

Thanks again for a great product.


Re: QLG1 GPS Receiver kit

Jonathan Dog

Certainly you can receive it on a computer in putty (or any other serial program, such as cu).

Here's mine which I just built, connected via a MAX2323 adaptor from my toolbox, also to a Atmega 32U4 board and seven-segment display showing the time.

  • With the MAX2323 adaptor, you only need to connect TXD from the QLG1 board (which ends up at RXD on the PC via whatever cabling you have).
  • Results in Putty: 9600 baud, 8N1, disable handshaking/flow control.
  • You see that connected to a 5V microcontroller you can just connect the logic-level signals.

Once off the bench I'm intending to use either a MAX232 driver with Cisco-console pinout on RJ-45 socket, or perhaps RS-422/RS-485.

Kind regards, Jonathan.

Re: Solar Storm

George Korper

Sorry about the madness?

Solar Storm

George Korper

Han's may have captured a picture yesterday of noise from
the solar storm. The general noise on 20 was very high yesterday. 

Can anyone how knows about these CME events comment on whether or not this may have been part
of the noise Han's caught in his screenshot?

Re: How much power is too much?

Alan G4ZFQ

For the QRO lads, too much power is barely enough.


Well it is difficult to dispute the argument that if there is the slightest hint of propagation a touch more power could get through.
I have known a few use 100W on HF WSPR just to see, maybe some have used more?

73 Alan G4ZFQ (Have thought about 100W+ on VLF but not yet)

Re: How much power is too much?

Kevin Luxford

For the QRO lads, too much power is barely enough.

On Tue, 21 Apr 2020, at 17:00, Alan G4ZFQ wrote:
//Basically it is a good idea to make a comparison listing parameters.

The only place the U3S wins (in my opinion) is 10 dB more power but
power is cheap.

OK, I think he does well to get about 1 watt on 10m but that does
involve a bit of DIY inventiveness. 1 watt from a U3S is not difficult.
I reckon 10mW is not really suited to many WSPR beginners.
U3S: 33 + 16 (GPS) +
Hum, I was thinking $8 for a GPS, 4 for a TCXO, I see your point. The
easy construction etc could be considered a bonus, who wants ready-made:-)
I'm still not convinced drift on HF is a major problem, maybe in a few
Apart from the lack of PA stage producing heat the basic RFzero uses the
same reference. (With GPS obviously no comparison!)

It seems to me the RFzero is difficult to compare with the U3S, each
appealing to different people. The U3S can be purchased as a fully
documented up to 1 watt HF multiband kit, the RFzero is more versatile
but needs various modules to be interconnected by the owner.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

Kevin B. G. Luxford