Questions about adjusting QDX RF output by changing supply voltage

Charles Johnson

Greetings all,


I've no wish to stir up the debate about which supply voltage QDXs should be built for, but in reading the manual, I saw where it says that the power slider in WSJT-X has no effect on the QDX and that any RF output reduction should be accomplished by lowering the supply voltage. So...


1) For those who have done the 12V build and adjust the supply voltage to change the RF output, what problems (if any) have you had?


2) Is the QDX tolerant of supply voltage change while powered up or do I need to turn it off before I make a change?


An example of why I would want to reduce the RF output is that I normally run ~1W when operating as a WSPR beacon, yet I usually operate FT8 at 2.5-3W, sometimes going up to 5W.


I appreciate the information!


Charles Johnson


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