Re: QDX Deaf with high current. #qdx

Dave, M0OOR

** Update **
In the interests of sharing my findings, I have now got it working.

What I have done:
- Reworked L12 - this improved things greatly ( I must have had a fault there). 
- Reflowed joints on trifilar transformer.
- I am now in the process of fine tuning the LPF toroids.
- So far I have added one turn to L3 for 40m and it now scans perfectly.

I have found that the radio is very sensitive to the toroid windings for the LPF's as they are in circuit on transmit and receive, I even get different readings with the board in and out of the case.

Anyway, I am getting there, I have over 4 watts out on 40m which I am happy with. I will continue tuning 20m toroids. The 80m LPF seems way out but as I don't use 80m I will leave that until last.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, this is a great forum for a great radio. Thanks Hans!
David Thomas M0OOR

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