QCX Good news

Daniel Walter

We hear about all the problems on here, so I thought I'd post something positive.

I recently installed updated 1.08 firmware chips for my original QCX 40 & 20m and QCX mini 30 & 60m. The minis have TCXOs and so were spot on for frequency. The originals do not have TCXOs, but they don't drift significantly. However, they did need to be tweaked. Both were about 1 kHz off, but were able to be placed spot on frequency with slight changes to the 27 MHz reference.

I rechecked power out (at 13.8V) and slightly readjusted the 20m toroids to get 5 watts out. Now the 40m puts out about 5.8W, while the others are each within 2 tenths from 5W.

These have been awesome performers for portable ops for me. I have had few problems with them and no final failures. Just happy to have them. Also, they really pushed me to get my CW skills back to a reasonable level. Thanks for a great radio, Hans!

de NM3A at mail dot com

73, DanĀ  NM3A

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