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Jim Strohm


I misspoke when I said "aluminum". I should have said "zinc."

There's another interesting problem with the new zinc pennies. When
swallowed, the old copper pennies would merely dissolve after some
time. The copper-clad zinc pennies would shed their copper, and then
present a jagged, razor-sharp zinc disk requiring surgical

Back in college, I'd photocopy texts when copying was cheaper than
buying the text itself. To bind them, three-hole punch them, I'd
locate some matching machine screws and nuts, and then drill out some
pennies because at one cent each, they were cheaper than washers.

Yes, these were before the clad zinc cents were common, so all were
solid copper but none were wheat cents.


On Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 7:24 PM Bob - K2KI <k2ki@...> wrote:

Hi Jim,
I am not sure if someone touched base with you regarding the '82 or
newer cents pieces. But, The cents newer than 82 are not Copper Clad
Aluminum but Copper Clad Zinc. If you ever drill into a newer than '82
and find it is all copper or any other metals through & through, you
just killed a cent (usually '82 small date or '83 and maybe '84) worth
some serious $$$ (Depending on Condx). I only know this because I only
collect Lincoln Cents looking for errors (usually called Varieties). I
am not a full blooded Numismatist.

Good luck with whichever way you roll!

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Very best 72/73 from Vermont. .
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On 7/30/2022 9:08 AM, Jim Strohm wrote:
... I noticed a suggestion to glue a coin to one of the
heat-generating semiconductors. I don't remember where I saw it.

However, this would be excellent for replacing the steel washer on the
BS170s in my QDX. A plain old US all-copper penny with a hole drilled
in it.

A newer-than-1982 penny would work almost as well, since those are
made from copper-clad aluminum.


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