Re: WSPR is a blast with the QDX3 2602 spots: in two weeks of part-time Hamming!



As in the case of QCX,  one can reduce the output power of QDX to a WSPR safe level by reducing the DC supply voltage below the design level for 5 watts (12 v or 9v—depending on the chosen xfmr turns ratio).

Milt W8NUE

On Jun 29, 2022, at 4:11 PM, geoff M0ORE via <m0ore@...> wrote:

WOW, terrific news.
Can you please explain how you reduced your transmit power to 200 milli Watts. When my kit arrives, I anticipate that it will be used on FT8 and JS8 at the 5 Watts but not on WSPR at that level. I will continue to use the U3S on WSPR at the 100mW output.

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